Current Classes and Workshops

Heart to Heart(s)

Personalized sessions just for you or you and a few friends | $50-$80

The one to one approach to the practice of yoga focuses specifically on personal questions and  concerns that you have about your practice, your life, and how the practice can enhance your life.
Mary will consider the many models of yoga and use her keen sense of intuition to develop and assist you in a plan for providing a more personalized plan for practice in and out of the studio, to alleviate distress,  with in depth guidance to help you progress at your own pace.

2-4 participants practicing together in a class designed just for you. Invite a few friends to gather online or in person. Small studio space available for your gathering. 

Register by contacting Mary below.

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Yoga Mats

Weekend Workshops

Get on the list for a weekend pop up class alert! Occasionally I’ll offer a weekend class or workshop. These classes will be announced through email, Facebook and text when possible. Be sure you “like” Mary Borton E-RYT on Facebook and subscribe to my email list below! I’d love to hear what you’d like to explore more of, send me a message.