Community Yoga at Lincoln Center

Fall Session 2
begins October 25.
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Full 6-week session (recommended) 
These classes are offered in 6-week sessions and organized to build  on one another to integrate understanding of each weekly concept for a full experience.  

Each class is also offered as a Drop In/Single class option. 
Please note: No classes November 22-28, 2021.

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One-to-one's  and Workshops

Heart to Heart
Personalized Classes, Coaching and Mentoring 

Personalized Classes:

The one-to-one approach to the practice of yoga focuses specifically on personal questions and concerns that you have about your practice, your life, and how the practice can enhance your life.
Mary will consider the many models of yoga, movement, and somatic practices and use her keen sense of intuition to develop and assist you in providing a personalized plan for your practice. Mary also offers therapeutic techniques to help manage common conditions such as joint replacements, aging, and stress and anxiety relief. 

Coaching and Mentoring: 

Using body-based inquiry in the coaching and mentoring model, we can discover clarity to a question in your life or provide inspiration and support for a goal you would like to achieve. We co-create a path to move you forward to reach your fullest potential through this personalized guidance, inspiration, motivation, and support using the maps of yoga, somatic inquiry, embodied conversation, and intuitive guidance.

Wellness Coach
Yoga Mat


Becoming Embodied Workshop Series 

What does it mean to be embodied? Learn how the practices of yoga, somatics and natural movment can help you develop a more profound sense of of oneself. My simple definition of "embodiment" is the bodily awareness of one's whole being. 

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