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Yoga and Mindfulness In Your School  

ONLINE Training and Classes Available SPRING 2021!

We believe that educators and students perform better when they are in a safe, supported and compassionately connected learning environment.

Intentional, mindful and body-based practices are proven to help schools shift towards healthier, happier, learning environments where everyone can thrive!

The Heart of Teaching offers programs on-site to bring yoga and mindfulness into your school. ​

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Self-Care Sessions for Staff

The better you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally the more you have to give in your work and life. In these sessions, learn self-care techniques to promote and maintain a positive mindset while reducing the effects of stress on the body, mind, and heart.
Each session is designed to safely explore gentle movement, breathing practices, and relaxation techniques to ease tension in the body and mind. Refresh, restore and reconnect to your intention to serve others through the practice of self-care. 


Yoga and Mindfulness for Students
Introduce yoga and mindfulness to students in your school with movement, breath, and mindful practices to create calm, caring classrooms. 
These sessions, designed to educate students about self-awareness, self-regulation, how their body and brains work, and promote their ability to shift their inner state to meet the demands of the external environment in school and in life. 

Professional Development for Schools

Learn to Teach

Yoga and Mindfulness Programs

In Your School

The Heart of Teaching is proud to partner with ZensationalKids as facilitator for many of these programs both locally and nationally. 

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The Heart of Teaching is proud to partner with Allison Morgan from Zensational Kids on training seminars highlighting the effects of movement, breath, and mindfulness in the clinic or classroom.

"Our building is a more calm and intentionally mindful learning environment because of what we have learned from Mary in our self-care sessions and from our training with ZensationalKids!"  

-Elementary School Principal  |   Troy, Ohio