One to One Work with Mary

Embodied Coaching, Mentoring, and Movement Guidance

Mary offers One-to-one calls and in-person sessions for personalized guidance and support.

Heart to Heart Coaching

In these personalized coaching sessions, we will work together to move forward in life, meeting the goals and intentions you set during our exploration call. We'll dig into what it is you are longing for, clear mindsets that hold you back, and create supportive actions to keep the momentum between sessions going. I intend to hold space for you in the process so that you get:

  • Energized with passion and inspired with new ideas

  • Connected to what gives your life meaning

  • Restored confidence, courage, and clarity

  • A safe space to process life's emotional roller coaster.

  • Practical steps to help you move forward so that you can shift and release patterns holding you back

  • Gain self-reliance to implement your proven strategies for yourself

  • Enjoy life with more optimism & possibility

  • A transformation that will spread into all areas of your life

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Heart to Heart Mentorship

This program is for those who teach or facilitate others in movement, healing and self-development modalities. As an experienced yoga teacher and trainer, coach, and lover of all
things related to being human, I speak the language of body-mind-heart through many modalities.
There are times, whether new or experienced in your art where you feel stagnant and uninspired or unsure of your direction. Sometimes we just seek connection to others who understand what it is like to work with others in our unique ways. Together, we can enrich your experience and knowledge in this program meant to grow, inspire, and support to enhance what you already do so well. 

A client testimonial says it best; "Mary's ability to clearly see your strengths and to tap into your innate wisdom encourages you to mature in your teaching under her guidance. She helps you
explore, expand, and develop a broader teaching context by tailoring your learning to match your unique qualities as a teacher, so you gain clarity and confidence in your own unique abilities."

Heart to Heart Private Yoga Sessions

The one-to-one approach focuses specifically on you and your inquiries about yoga and your evolution of the practice. For example, maybe you want to create a home practice for yourself, or you may want to address a specific condition that you are experiencing. Whatever brings you to work together, we'll explore various models of yoga and movement guided by intuition and self-
inquiry to develop a practice that works FOR YOU.

Image by Darius Bashar