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Teaching Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

The Heart of Teaching 200-hour teacher training program is registered with Yoga Alliance. In these 200 hours of study, you will gain knowledge to create personal transformation and learn how to share yoga with others by learning to teach from your own experience. The Heart of Teaching practices a Vinyasa style of yoga, guided by the wisdom of Hatha tradition and influenced by subtle anatomy explorations to equip you to offer a multi-dimensional yoga experience. 

The 200-hour program exceeds the learning objectives established by Yoga Alliance in the categories of The History and Philosophy of Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga, Teaching Techniques and Practice and Teaching Methodology of yoga.

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The Heart of Teaching is a 200 RYT Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.

Workshops and Continuing Education

The Heart of Teaching offers workshops for yoga instructors to continue to grow in their knowledge and expand upon important concepts to refresh their perspectives. As yoga continues to change with time, and your experience as a teacher evolves, these workshops align with current teachings in the world of modern yoga.

Mary Borton is a certified continuing education provider through Yoga Alliance®

Mentorship Programs

Whether you are new to teaching yoga or are looking for a fresh approach and guidance after years of experience, Mary offers a personal approach in her mentorship program. Mary’s ability to clearly see your strengths and to tap into your innate wisdom encourages you to mature in your teaching under her guidance. She helps you explore, expand, and develop a broader context of teaching by tailoring your learning to match your unique qualities as a teacher so you gain clarity and confidence in your own unique abilities. 

Anatomy and Continuing Education Workshops

We offer anatomy, philosophy and teaching methodology workshops as part of the teacher training curriculum. These workshops are available as individual learning opportunities for students, teachers and other training programs that might be interested in integrating The Heart of Teaching into their extended learning programs.

Our anatomy sessions use lectures, models, visual aids and experimental practices to inform in a layered learning approach. 


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Ground of Being
Foundations of Anatomy: Lower Body

Explore the anatomy of feet, legs, and pelvis connections to gain awareness of pathways of support in standing asanas and overall posture in life. Notice the body's relationship to gravity, anti-gravity, and alignment to create optimal ease and stability. 

Finding Your Center and Creating
SupportFoundations of Anatomy: The Spineand Core

Through anatomy exploration, find optimal alignment and movement potential of the spine. Learn to create cohesive support from the center of your being outward and connect with the core of your core.

Expanding Up and Expressing Out
Foundations in Anatomy: Upper Body


Create supportive relationships in the upper body between the skeleton and the heart and lungs to explore the anatomy of the upper body in chest openers, backbends, and side bends. Learn to fully utilize the support and connection from the hands to the spine in upper body weight-bearing poses and basic arm balances.

Going Inward



Foundations of Subtle Anatomy

Explore the inner workings of the body and how they help to inform, connect, and support you. Awaken and align the relationship of bones, tissues, organs, and glands to illuminate the subtle energetic pathways in the body for a fully integrated experience of the whole being.

Slow, Deep and Restorative Yoga

Explore the anatomy of the fascia, connective tissues, and fluid pathways as a gateway to understanding eastern energy models and western concepts of somatics to map energetic pathways flowing through the body. Engage in a practice of slow, generously held yin poses and relax deeply into restorative poses. Allow time to soak in the deep, cellular presence of embodiment. 

East Meets West in Body, Mind and Heart

Explore the many layers of the mind-body's developmental processes through lecture, exploration, and movement practices designed to allow your body to remember it's journey from the earth to standing. We'll explore our unique personal development patterns and habits and layer eastern concepts of self-awareness using the chakra and kosha models for greater discovery of our human potential.

The Language of Yoga
 What You Say and How You Say It Matters

Learn more about why, how, and to whom we say what we say matters. Explore how the body responds to tone, word choice, imagery, and visualization. 
This workshop highlights various language as it relates to conventional, functional, and experiential wording, including trauma-sensitive language, to speak to everyone in the room.

Inspire and Refresh Your Sequecing and Class Planning Toolbox

In this workshop, we'll discuss how to develop meaningful, authentic, and effective yoga sequences that reflect your vision and voice as a teacher. Learn how to generate safe sequences to accommodate all levels of practitioners. 

Whether you want to create sequences designed to highlight specific anatomy, asana, or energetic principles or around philosophy or themes, this workshop will inspire and refresh your sequencing toolbox.


"Mary holds an undeniable space where one has the opportunity to come into fuller realization of oneself. She offers pathways into each individual's unpaved territory with a soft, silky approach that isn't jarring."  

-Mary Sinclair  |   Columbus, Ohio   |


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