Online and In-Person Small Group Offerings of Somatic Practices and Yoga. 

Yoga is a process that continuously evolves and engages us, offering infinite possibilities for the integration of body, mind and heart. Somatics is a practice of learning more about ourselves and developing our ability to sense, feel and listen to the wisdom of our body. Integrating yoga and somatics offers the opportunity to return again and again in practice to access our sense of whole-being. Through the embodied self we can flow through life with more awareness, ease and kind-heartedness. 

Somatic practices allow us to experience ourselves as life in process. By engaging in the bio-dynamic layers of our "bodies" we discover new pathways for living, loving and being in relationship with ourselves, others and the whole world. Many of these explorations invite you into a new way of remembering ourselves below the surface of our thinking mind.

Explore, Practice and Play


Gentle Flow/Fluid Strength Yoga 

Wednesday 9:00-10:15 a.m. (live zoom)

October 21-November 25

$12 per class or $60 for 6-week series


Practice in your space at your pace in this class that encourages you to move the body, follow your heart, and bring peace of mind. This class invites you into a flowing blend of concepts each week to explore and adapt to your ever-changing inner and outer environments as you remember to adapt with ease and to honor your unique expression of life through the form of yoga. We will explore fluidity as an aspect of both strength and subtleness in body, mind and heart.  This class is appropriate for almost anyone able to move up and down from the ground. Props suggested but not required: bolster, 2 blocks, blanket, strap.


3R’s for Educators Self Care--Release, Revive, Restore

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 p.m. (live via zoom)

October 20-November 24

Donation-based class OR $10 suggested pay what you can

This yoga class is specially designed for educators, but it is appropriate for anyone who could benefit from an hour of self-care meant to Release tension, Revive energy and Restore a sense of well-being to body, mind, and heart. From the comfort of home or in your classroom, you’ll need a comfortable space to relax with a mat, blanket, pillow or chair.  This class is adaptable, allowing almost anyone to participate.  Enjoy practicing alone or in a physically distanced group. The classes are offered live via ZOOM and will not be recorded. To honor the break you need from a screen, please plan to practice using your auditory senses more than your vision.


Yin, Meridians and Organs of Expression

2 Hour Workshop

Saturday, November 14 or 21


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Private Sessions

Personalized sessions are designed on an individual basis, exploring intrinsic movement with specifically designed experiences to meet your unique conditions and intentions. These sessions combine breath and movement, and develop skills for deep inner listening to access possibilities for repatterning, healing and change.


Individual attention can accelerate the learning process and provide an often necessary witness to the experience of natural, organic movement. 


This approach can be especially effective with chronic conditions by releasing restrictive patterning on many levels and inviting in new ways to move with ease.


Contact Mary to schedule your session.

"The Heart of Teaching's approach is filled with loving kindness! Mary always reminds me that it's a journey and we'll get there when we're supposed to. Her instruction is thorough and easy to follow." 

-Cindy A.   |   Troy, Ohio

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